Max Capacity: 50-80
Seating Styles: Rows Rounds U-Shape

The Farwell Chapel is one of Eagle Rock’s more rustic meeting spaces.  It is located near the Stanekville lodging, and can host groups up to 50 people.  It’s rustic appearance shows in the log seats and dim lighting.  Restrooms are located within walking distance.  Although this is a great space to relax and reminisce in, we are hoping to improve this space in the future.

The Trading Post is located inside the Stanekville lodging, and doubles as a meeting space, learning center, or overflow dormitory lodging.  This meeting space can host groups up to 80 people.  Although this old-west themed space is rustic looking, it is equipped with electricity, heating, and air-conditioning.  Restrooms are located within walking distance.

Don’t forget about our meeting room snack & beverage options! You can work with Conference Services to set up a snack bar or food delivery service for all of your sessions.